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The Beverly
Heritage Center:
A Process

For a recent open house in Beverly, a talented team of creative people put together a show documenting the buildings of the Bevelry Heritage Center, before and during their recent reconstruction. This is a fascinating introduction to the subject and is presented here in the form of "mpg" or video file. 

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Beverly Heritage Center Construction Slide Show

(NOTE: You may need the correct player to view this production.
And our friends on slower internet connections are cautioned that this is a large file
... even on broadband it may take a moment to start.
There is no sound track on this presentation, by the way. )

This slideshow was authored by Jessica Serrao with assistance from Kristina Gaddy and Megan  Grisolano, as a part of their service to Historic Beverly as AFHA AmeriCorps members.

Photos used include photos by Walter Smalling, Phyllis Baxter, and Jessica Serrao.

Historical photos courtesy Randolph County Historical Society and Historic Beverly Preservation.