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23.  The Randolph County Jail  (1813)

The first county jail was a log structure completed by Edward Hart in April 1790 on the west side of Jacob (now Main) Street.

The second jail was this 1813 brick building, on the east side of Main Street, across from the log one. William Marteny and William Steers built this jail for $250, building it with thick walls and foundations four feet underground. The two first floor cells were for regular prisoners, and the two second floor cells were for debtors. The ell in the rear was the jailer's residence.

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After the third jail was built in 1841, this building became a residence. Following the Civil War, it was occupied for a number of years by Bernard L. Brown and his family, since their previous home had been destroyed by Union troops during the war.

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This is a two-story plain brick structure with a symmetrical three-bay facade and matching inside end chimneys. The deep-set window ledges show the depth of the original walls. The original building had a simple stoop, which has been replaced by a large porch across the front of the house. The house's only decorations are cut-out cornice brackets and double doors with arched panels of glass, which probably date from the 1870's.