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31. The Randolph County Jail of 1841

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Further south on Walnut Street, on the east side, is the brick building originally built as the third jail. The contract was let in 1841 to William T. Clark and Alexander K. Holloway for $4,479, and the building was completed in 1845. The accommodations for the jailer's family were in the front portion of the building, with a hallway separating them from the cells. In the rear downstairs were two cells constructed of large smooth stones; these originally had bars on the windows. Upstairs was one cell without bars for women. The south upstairs room contained an iron cage about four feet smaller in dimensions than the room itself, which was used for dangerous prisoners or for the violently insane. Even after the courthouse was moved to Elkins, this jail remained the official county jail until the new one was built in Elkins in 1913. Since that time it has been used as a residence.

The front facade of this building is three bays wide. The large stones of the cell rooms can be seen on the sides of the building. The foundations of the building are hand-shaped stone, laid without mortar. Four large inside end chimneys serve the four rooms and four cells. The original windows are 9/6 like those in the Blackman store building. The broad, heavy porch which has been added on the front (west) and north sides goes well with the substantial appearance of the building.