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1. The Beverly Cemetery

By 1768 Nicholas Wolfe and Isaac Springstone were buried on a knoll now known as the Beverly Cemetery.

 When James Westfall came to Beverly in 1772, he received a patent for land that included this burial ground.  In 1832 Col. Archibald Earle purchased land including the cemetery, and before his death in 1842 he made arrangements to give to the Beverly "Metropolis" two acres of land which included the burial site. It is reputed to be the oldest public cemetery west of the Allegheny Mountains.

The cemetery, alongside the river on Cemetery Lane just off of north Main Street, is under the care and direction of the Beverly Cemetery Association.Among the notable local citizens buried here are Lemuel Chenoweth, the famous covered bridge builder and artisan, and Herman Guy Kump, the nineteenth governor of West Virginia.
Beverly Cemetery 2009
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