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35. The Birkett / Cresap House

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Lot #11 on the west side of south Main was the site of a two story log home of Daniel Capito.

Issac Baker, Sr. bought it from Capito's heirs. Baker and his family lived here and operated a hotel called the Rising Sun. Baker lost the property due to debts, and one of the buyers, George Buckey later sold the property to his son-in-law John Birkett.

Rev. Birkett, as he was known, and his wife Rebecca, lived here and had a store in one end of his house. According to tax records the Birketts moved to Ohio during the Civil War and the house disappeared. They returned after the war and built the existing two-story frame house, plus a new store building on the lot north of the house.

In 1871, Birkett sold the home to Charles J. P. ("Pin") Cresap, a Beverly lawyer who was a member of the House of Delegates in 1881. The Cresaps had no children, and the house went to a niece after their death.

This is a 5-bay two-story "I" house, with a rear "L". It has two interior brick chimneys, 6/6 windows, and clapboard siding with rake and corner boards. The roof eaves have interesting arrow-shaped drop finials. The one-story entrance porch has Doric columns, with an entrance door with sidelights and transom. A smaller porch is on the north side of the back L.

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