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32. The Blackman-Strader Home

Back on Main Street, the Blackman-Strader home and officeare on the southwest corner of South Main and Court streets.

This house was begun in 1861 but was not completed until after thewar. It was added to by Lorenzo Dow Strader, Mr. Blackman's son-in-law, who bought out therest of the family. It has remained in his family ever since.

This is a two-story 5 by 4 bays deep brick house with a hip roof.It has two interior brick chimneys, and 6/1 windows. The front borsh is one-story with amodified hip roof and Doric columns, with an entrance door with sidelights and flattransoms. The rear section of the house is a later brick enclosure.

The one-story brick garage on the corner of the lot A tailor shoporiginally located on the corner of the lot was destroyed in the Civil War. The garage nowthere has been modified from a building built in 1882 by Lorenzo Dow Strader as his lawoffice. It originally had a fan glass door, two windows, and a fireplace.