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12. The Bosworth Property

This property on the northeast corner of Main and Bridge streets (lot #8 of the early land division) was first sold in 1795 by William Currence to William Marteny.

It passed through several other transactions, until Dr. Squire Bosworth purchased it in 1824. The only physician in the county for many years, he treated both northern and southern troops during the Civil War. In addition to doctoring, he extracted teeth, repaired clocks, watches and spectacles, and taught school. He also served in the Virginia legislature for Randolph and Tucker counties from 1855-1856 and was county clerk for a number of years. His home was in the two-story section of the house, and the one-story wing was his office. He died in 1870, and a few years later his widow moved into her son's home.

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From 1880, the Randolph Female Seminary used this building. This institution provided a "quality private education for young ladies" and, in later years, for young gentlemen as well. The seminary closed in 1887 as the new public school in Beverly decreased the demand for its services. In 1895, the building was sold to Idella Russell, who converted it into a hotel called the Russell House.

The original building was a two-story 3-bay frame house with a one-story 4-bay wing added onto the north side of the building. It has since been heavily altered and expanded. A long addition was later added, perhaps by Mrs. Russell, as an ell on the rear of the original structure. A second story now extends over the full length of the building.

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