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10. The Peter Buckey House and Hotel

This lot on the east side of North Main Street was also known as lot #9.

The building was reputedly built by a Mr. Phillips, and purchased in 1791 by Peter Buckey. He operated a hotel and tavern here, before moving up the street to open the Buckey House hotel. Peter also ran a tannery on the land just north of the hotel, which used water from a small stream that is now hidden by the roadway, (but is visible from the foot bridge directly across the street.) George Buckey bought this hotel and tannery in 1823 and managed both through the Civil War.

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After the war, the building was enlarged and continued to be a hotel until well after 1900. It was owned for many years by the Pence family. On the right hand side was the office; on the left, a poolroom. A large dining room in the rear of the building was used for large parties even after the hotel closed.

The original building was a two-story frame building with a 3-bay facade, a porch along the front, and outside chimneys at each end. It had a one-story ell in the rear with its own chimney. The addition extended the main building to the south making it 5-bays wide, and added a second story and a two story addition to the ell.