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34. The Eli Baker House

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Lot #2, on the east side of South Main, had an early log house known as "the O'Brian part," attached to a frame house. Daniel O'Brian owned part of the property from 1813 to 1819, after which it was owned by Ely Butcher. He used the building as a tavern, which was occupied in 1860 by a family named Hamilton. Next to it was Ely Butcher's store, occupied in 1860 by Samuel Crane. In 1871, the "Butcher lot," including the old store house, was sold by Fountain Butcher to Eli Baker, who also operated the store.

Eli Baker built the existing house in 1873. The date is documented by a carving in the top step to the porch. It is a two-story frame house, three bays by two bays, with cornice brackets and 2/2 windows. It has an ornate entrance doorway with sidelight and transom.