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40. The Henry Suiter House

At the south end of Beverly, on the east side across Files Creek, stands the one-story home of the Suiter family. It is on land believed to have been a part of the clearing of the Foyles family in 1753. An early map shows it to have been standing prior to 1854. Henry Suiter, along with his two sons Jacob D. and Judson L. Suiter, was a blacksmith and wheelwright by trade and had his smithy not far to the south of his home along the turnpike.

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Henry was also the toll collector for the turnpike toll gate at the southern end of Beverly. Often a toll collector's house would have a front extension where the collector could keep watch over the turnpike. Such an addition seems to be built into this house.

During the raid on Beverly of July 2, 1863, this house was in the line of fire. Many exploding shells fell in the yard and one struck the house itself. That day, while the two armies fought to secure Beverly, a baby girl was born to Judson and Martha Suiter. Two of these shells were later picked up in the yard and given to the new baby as a momento to hand down to her own children.