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24. The Beverly Public Square

The Beverly Public Square, containing approximatelyone-fourth acre at the corner of Main and Court Streets, is locally claimed to be thefirst public playground established in America. Charles Myers bought lot #5, whichincluded this lot, from James Westfall in 1793.


Beverly Town Square


In 1813, the county commissioners wanted to build the new (second)jail on the front of the lot. Adam Myers, son of Charles, then owned the Valley Househotel on the rear portion of the lot. Mr. Myers sold the commissioner the adjoining lot,with the stipulation that the square in front of his hotel be dedicated as a publicplayground, and that it never be built on. (See historical article on "The Beverly Public Square.")

It was for many years a horseshoe pitching ground, and severalattempts to place farm tools, boxes, walkways, and the town pump on the lot were defeated.There is now an historical monument on the front of the lot. Recentlandscaping and interpretive sign are a project of the Beverly Women's Club.


Beverly Square - view from west