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15. The Rowan House

John Goff sold this property (with a house) on the west side of what is now Water Street, to Archibald Earle in 1811.

A house is also mentioned in the 1838 deed when Earle sold to William Rowan, who operated a hat factory in Beverly. His son, Adam Rowan, took the family south during the Civil War.

Historic Beverly: The Rowan House 2008 two
 The first house was a one-story log house. A two-story three-bay frame I-house was built in front of it after the Civil War, the part of the structure visible in these photos.
Historic Beverly: The Rowan House 2008 one The two houses were later connected by an ell and the logs covered by clapboards, making it into one large house.  The bay windows and matching entry portico were probably a late 19th-century addition.

A mid-20th century remodelling had installed tall columns on the front of the house. (See the black and white photo below.) In a carefully done recent restoration, these columns have been removed and the earlier portico restored, as shown in these recent photographs.

Historic Beverly: The Rowan House old B&W snapshot