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6. The Willa Hill House

This house across from the Methodist Church is on propertysold by Leland Kittle to Nora B. Houdyshell* in 1904. The house was probably builtaround 1910. The property was transferred in 1919 to the Houdyshells' daughter, Willa M.Hill, and her husband James T. Hill. The house has four gables and a recessed center baydoor. It has a back ell and three interior chimneys.

* Sunday, 25 Mar 2007

... I just wanted to note that on the picture of the Willa Mae Hill house, (she was my aunt) her mother's name was Nora Belle Houdyshell.  It was never spelled with a "w".  My dad, who died in 1969, was Andrew Mason Houdyshell, Willa's younger brother.  Prior to being Houdyshell, the name was Houdyschell.  Before that Houdyschelle.  Willa Hill and her parents are buried in the cemetery there in Beverly.

Joyce Houdyshell Domsky

This site had originally spelled the name incorrectly, unfortunately: our apologies. We welcome this and all corrections and additions to the information on this website. Thank you! -- the Webmaster
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