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39. The Humboldt Yokum House

This home was built by Dr. Humboldt Yokum, a son of Dr. and Mrs. George W. Yokum. Humbolt was educated at West Virginia University and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, graduating in 1885.

Humboldt founded and was the president of the Beverly Bank starting in 1900. He and Issac Baker, Jr. served as mediators between the Elkins and Beverly factions in the court house dispute, and helped to cool tempers and avoid a fight over the moving of the county seat to Elkins.

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His Queen Anne style home, on the west side of Main Street opposite the junction with Fountain Street, was built about 1890. It has 2 1/2 stories and a slate hip roof with a hipped gable dormer on three sides. A two-story cylindrical turret with scallop fishscale shingle siding, a conical roof and ball finial graces the south corner of the facade. A one-story, wraparound porch with roof balustrade now wraps around the north corner.

Just south of the house stands a smaller house which was built as Dr. Humbolt Yokum's doctor's office. The small Second Empire style building features a wood shingle mansard roof with gable dormers. The concrete porch is a modern addition.

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