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Lemuel Chenoweth built the “pleasant little homestead on the rippling Tygarts” in 1856. The house overlooked the Beverly covered bridge Lemuel built in 1847, which was the first of many such bridges he built on western Virginia turnpikes.

Chenoweth house front left corner

chenoweth house background drawing

The post and beam house demonstrates the ability of a master carpenter, and many uniquedesign and stress features incorporated in the construction reflect his occupation as aself-educated architect and builder of covered bridges.

During the Civil War, Federal soldiers were billeted in the house. A Union picket poston the house lot guarded the bridge. Two of Lemuel’s sons fought for the Confederacy- one was killed, the other was captured near the end of the war.

chenoweth house front right corner


Both Indian and Civil War artifacts found during the restoration of the house are ondisplay in the museum. A newly constructed scale model of the 1847 Beverly covered bridgedemonstrates the construction techniques used in this bridge, which set the standard ofquality for turnpike bridges that followed. Also see a working scale model of an up anddown, two-way, futuristic sawmill Lemuel designed that shows the genius of this superbcraftsman.

The house is being gradually refurnished with furniture built by Lemuel. House toursdaily.

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