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Randolph County
Historical Society

Randolph County Historical Society

Active since the 1920s, the RCHS has worked for decades to protect and present the heritage of Randolph County. They have published a number of local history books, including "Historic Beverly, a Guidebook" by Donald Rice and Phyllis Baxter, and "Randolph 200" by Donald Rice, both available from the Society.

They own and operate the Randolph County Museum in Beverly, and is a partner in the Beverly Family History Research Library. Two other RCHS projects stand behind the Museum.

The Subscription School was saved and moved from a farm near Becky's Creek in a joint project with the Randolph County Retired School Personnel, and houses an extensive collection of one-room school memorabilia. It is open by appointment or during special events, including Beverly Heritage Day .
historical outbuildings at the Historical Society

The Subscription School is on the right, and the restored Stalnaker house is at left. Both can be toured by appointment with the Historical Society, and are open and often staffed by historical interpreters on special occasions.

The Jacob Stalnaker Cabin was saved and moved from its original location south of Beverly as a joint project of the RCHS and the Stalnaker Family Association. Restoration work on the cabin will be ongoing, and both donations and volunteer help are urgently needed!!