About Beverly

Historic Beverly and
Historic Beverly Preservation

Beverly, West Virginia, was founded as the county seat of Randolph County, Virginia in 1790. Today this historic significance is recognized through the designation of much of the town as a National Register Historic District. Over a dozen pre-Civil War buildings still survive, and some are open to the public as museums or shops. Learn more about this history of Beverly on this website History and Virtual Tour, or by visiting and experiencing Beverly for yourself.

Historic Beverly Preservation is the non-profit organization dedicated to the restoration, heritage and preservation of historic Beverly. HBP focuses on heritage preservation, awareness, and education for Beverly’s history, on preservation of our historic buildings and stories, and on sharing that heritage with residents and visitors. HBP owns a number of community historic buildings, including the Goff House which houses Historic Beverly Antiques, the IOOF building with retail and event space, and the 1841 Jail and Collett house awaiting rehabilitation. HBP is the sponsor organization for Beverly ON TRAC, which works with the Town of Beverly and other community organizations to engage residents and work toward betterment and economic vitality for the community. We are the non-profit partner with Beverly Historic Landmarks Commission, the Town Commission responsible for historic preservation. And, we are an events and operating partner, with Rich Mountain Battlefield Foundation, in the Beverly Heritage Center. If you are interested in any of these projects or in the work of HPB, you should get involved!